Little hands and toes grow so fast. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a life-like mould to look back on. Body Copy brought to you by Cherishing Moments is to celebrate the everlasting bond of your relationship. Copy the body of your loved ones to preserve the touch of those special feet, hands of your parents & elders also your baby’s tiny hand and foot in a 3 D Mould for you as forever treasured keepsake.

Children grow real fast and our objective is to provide an opportunity to parents for capturing the treasure , the beautiful tiny hands and feet of their precious ones.

How would you like to capture a wonderful memory of hand with fine detail is captured forever?

Our team at Cherishing Moments will do just that for you. They are 3D life castings which are the ultimate keepsake and a great unique decorative piece in your drawing room. We capture a moment for lifetime.

All the beautiful, natural detail of your baby’s hands and/or feet can be replicated and preserved in a unique hand crafted sculpture.

These beautifully presented and individual mementos will be a lasting and timeless reminders, you can choose to have, such as :

Parent’s Hands Preserve the touch of those special hands of your parents, elders or respected gurus so that you can always feel that they are with you.

Couples Hands taken on the occasion of Wedding, Anniversary, engagements holding hands celebrating the everlasting bond of their relationship with this souvenir of forever commitment. Nothing displays intimacy of your relationship better.

Family Hands (Siblings, New-borns, Generations, Mother with child, Father with daughter)

Grand Parents: If our beloved Grand Parents & Elders are not able to reach Cherishing Moments' Venue, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our ' Cherishing Moments ' gift vouchers provide a unique and very personal gift for someone you dearly love and cherish. Cherishing Moments provides you with the best option of presenting a unique and most personalised gift to express your emotions which will be definitely prominently displayed and appreciated by all.

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